Real privacy.

Send your files and documents with peace of mind.

Cargo is the first file transfer platform to offer complete end-to-end encryption. This means no one but the device you send to can ever read your files. Not even us.

Cargo is also hacker level security for everyone. Meaning when using our Bond feature, no one can ever ease drop on your transfers.

A blue circle means the user has been Bonded with. Bonded means the user's identity has been verified.

Bond Technology:
How to know someone is who they say they are

When sending confidential files, our Bond feature allows you to verify the identiy of your recipient. Like Bluetooth, Bond uses a secret key that authenticates both sender and receiver. The Bond is done once per contact for all future transfers.

Onced Bonded, files are foverer encrypted with keys only you and the recipient have.
Authenticated public keys are converted to 6-digit codes that change every 90 seconds.

Cargo was built not to read your files: Some might say they won’t, we just can’t.

Also, by using our unique Bond technology, we guarantee — as no other file transfer service can — that nobody but you and your recipient can ever read your files.

Private security

Cargo uses the highest-grade security, with a combination of private and public-key encryptions. Secret keys are never read or stored by any servers — unlike with file sharing services.

Securely link your devices to your account: Make sure your transfers are always safe.

Using sophisticated linking encryption; device linking prevents unauthorized monitoring and hijacking of your account.