Made for Professionals

Medical, Accounting, Education, and Law.

From a simple idea:
Sending over the Internet shouldn’t cost you your privacy.

Lawyer or doctor, whatever your field may be - the information you send is urgent and confidential. With high-grade security encryption, Cargo allows for the transmission of x-rays, audits, reports, and more, all with complete privacy and security.

Transferring sensitive information requires a system with a backbone built on security and confidentiality, something that we’ve worked around the clock to ensure Cargo encompasses - inside and out.

Transfer Speed

Security is an important part of Cargo, but it’s far from the only feature. With proven faster transfer speeds than other file sharing platforms such as Dropbox and WeTransfer, Cargo’s files get there before anyone else’s – especially when using Cargo over a network, with speeds of over 100 times faster than leading competitors.

Cargo profiles:
Who uses Cargo & why.

When sending confidential files such as one's artistic creation, privacy and efficient are crucial to delivering the content. The following are artists and orgonasiations that use Cargo to its fullest:

Profile: Dawit L. Petros
A photographer who sends his work with Cargo.

Dawit L. Petros is a visual artist born in Eritrea and based in New York City. Working with installations, photography, research and extensive travels, In recent projects he employs abstraction as an act of translation to push against naturalized ways of understanding form, colour, and subjectivity.

His works are very sensitive and cannot be sent to the wrong person. He needs to make sure that his photography reaches the correct individual every time. That’s why Dawit uses Cargo to make sure his photographs reach the proper museum each time, securely.

Profile: Mike Joyce
A visual artist who sends his work with Cargo.

Mike Joyce is a visual artist based New York city. working mainly in Music, his art has been seen on projects for artists such Katie Perry, MTV, Maroon5 and many more. His mastering of swiss style design has led to a renown collection of posters.

His art is in graphic source files cannot be floating around the internet. He needs to make sure that his reaches his clients every time. That’s why Mike Joyce and Stereotype uses Cargo to make sure his art reach the proper artist or group.

Profile: Serge Devant
A music producer who sends his music with Cargo.

Serge Devant is a DJ & producer based in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Originally from Russia, Serge’s productions have been on top 10 charts numerous times in both Russia and the U.S. Serge has been part of record labels such as ultras records and hot creations by Jamie Jones.

Sending music wave files is a tedious process and risks leaks due to download URLS. He needed to make sure the productions reaches his label and collaborators every time. That’s why Serge uses Cargo to make sure his music reach the proper audience each time, privately.

Profile: Boomerang by TVA
A tv show who sends video with Cargo.

Boomerand is a TV based in Montreal, Canada produced by TVA. Its star cast includes 12 episodes to be premiered on the network in 2015. The show is based on a young couple dealing with the loss of there business and its effects on there life.

Sending movie files is a difficult process because of file size and and risks leaks due to download URLS. TVA needed to make sure the Boomerang productions reaches only its collaborators every time. That’s why the Boomerang team uses Cargo to make sure its episodes are sent privately and efficiently each time.