Watch how.

How to send in one click literally.

The solution to an old problem:
How to send big files without needing to sync or upload first.

Email is limited to 25 MB, a browser is slow and full of ads, and clouds are meant to store or share to collaborate, not send. The following is how we send files.

Files and folders sent with one click of the mouse. Your most contacted contacts will show in the menu.

Right click anywhere on your Desktop, Finder or Explorer; the three people you send to the most will automatically appear in the menu, as well as a "Send to..." option.

Cargo is completely in-tune with your contacts.
Send files to your friends or colleagues and get notified when downloaded.

Contacts integration requires you to sign in to internet accounts.

Send to...
Cargo can send to as many people you wish. It will auto complete your recent recipients.
Your contacts...
Cargo is completely integrated with your Mac and Windows phonebook and contacts.
Any file
Drag or click on any file or folder from anywhere on your computer. There are no limits on size or type.
That easy. That fast.
Click on any sent transfer from your dashboard and confirm the file was downloaded.