Questions and Answers

Cargo is new, so we understand that you may have some concerns. You will find answers to our most commonly asked questions below - for any additional comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is Cargo free to use?

Yes. Cargo is completely free to use, forever – no matter what.

Can I send files to anyone?

Cargo was built to send files between Cargo users, but you can of course send files to anyone who has an email address. When sending to another Cargo user however, you can take advantage of high speed and ultra-secure sends.

Is there a file size limit when sending or receiving?

With Cargo there are no file size limits. Send anything from a text file to a full length HD wedding video, if you got it - Cargo will send it.

Does Cargo run on Yosemite and Windows 10?

Yes! Cargo was built to run on all of today’s latest operating systems, which include the full suite of Windows releases (from XP up) as well as OSX compatibility with Mavericks and up.

What is a direct connection (P2P)?

In a P2P network, the "peers" are computer systems that are connected to each other online, sharing files directly between systems on the network without the need for a central server. Cargo uses P2P - sending directly to the other person with no stops along the way.

How do I register?

In order to register for Cargo, please download the app. Once installed you will have the opportunity to create a new account.

Can I use Cargo on multiple computers?

Totally! Cargo was built for maximum efficiency. To add another device to your Cargo account simply install the app on your new device and log in - you will be prompted to add your new device to your account’s Chain of Trust.

Device linking... What is that?

Device linking is a list of devices that you have added to your account which all share Cargo data. This means that you can send, for example, your designs from your laptop, and receive the edits back from your artists on your iMac, or send your receipts from your mobile and receive your accountant’s statements on your PC. All your authorized devices are trusted in your Chain of Trust.

How do I verify that a sender is really who they say they are?

We use a patent pending technology called Identity Verification to ensure the sender is who they say they are. By using Identify Verification, you are confident that your files are going to the exact place they need to be.

Identity Verification... What's that?

Identity Verification is a process during which a sender and receiver are forced to have human contact with each other in order to complete a Code Verification process. If the sender does not answer your call, you know something is wrong. You can use identity verification the first time you send something to guarantee that your files will be heading off to the right person.

What’s “Unlink my account”?

Unlinking your Cargo account will permanently delete that device from your Cargo Chain of Trust. You will still be able to download received files via e-mail, but you will no longer accept Cargo transfers and will lose all of your history. For your safety, there is no way to undo this.

Transfers are filling up my Downloads folder...

We knew this would happen, which is why we have file routing built in the heart of Cargo. Go to your preferences and set up a “Download Rule” which will automagically place your downloaded files in the right place. For example, music files can go to your music folder and your work files to your work folders.

Where is the Cargo icon in my dock?

Cargo runs as a Top-Bar application, so there is no dock icon necessary in order to run Cargo - it will always be on at the top of your computer. If you would like to keep the dock icon, you can do so by right clicking on the Cargo icon and selecting “Keep in dock”.

Why does my Cargo look different than it did yesterday?

Cargo uses self-updating features that will update the application in the background when a new version becomes available. This feature was implemented to ensure you and your recipients are always up to date on the latest file sending technologies.

How do I use the Right Click feature?

Cargo Right Click is the fastest way ever to send a file! Simply right click on any files or folders and you will find the top five people you send to the most. Click on any of their names and off goes the file. No additional clicks required - as simple as right-click, send.

How do I send a file or folder?

Drop-zones are found throughout the operating system - making file-sending accessible from anywhere you may be. Try dragging a file to the Cargo icon in the top-bar or located in the dock to bring up the compose screen instantly.

Can I send a file to my friend's PC from my Mac or vise-versa?

Cargo has you covered. You can send files from PC to Mac OSX, vice-versa, and even from your mobile to a PC. It’s a true file sending matrimony.

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