Our technology

Protection from online identity hijacking & Man in the Middle attacks

A first of its kind:
We took privacy and security to a new level by giving you full control on who you trust.

The challenge was to determine the authenticity of a user, as identified by its public key. If an attacker can find a way to masquerade as a given user and send or receive a file on their behalf, the connection between the attacker and victim is technically secure, but his security has completely failed. 

The solution is a process of mutual user verification through an external communications channel, such as phone or video call. These forms of communications are less susceptible to the same attacks used on Internet applications because it is much harder to physically impersonate someone than to simply intercept a digital signal. Once each user verifies the other’s Cargo key, they have, if the process is done correctly, complete mathematical certainty that their transfer cannot be intercepted by a third party. We call this process “bonding“ and it is patent pending.

A normal security key looks like...

When using encrypted communication, both users need to authenticate each other’s keys to validate their identity. A key fingerprint in military-grade encryption systems like PGP resembles the screen on the right.

A Cargo security key looks like...

Same security
Same encryption
Easy to communicate
Patent Pending

Our technology converts a long fingerprint key into a 6 digit code that only the two people exchanging files can ever know - giving the end-user the option to manually perform an identity verification.


Send Unlimited Files for Free

No limits on size or number of files that you can send or receive.

Smart Download Rules

Create rules to save files by type, title, or recipient, to a specific folder.

Delivery Confirmations

Get notified when the file is downloaded on your computer.

Cloud Friendly

Cargo can send or receive to and from Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive.

Auto Resume Download

Transfers resume as soon as the connection is re-established.

Download PDF Receipts

Create PDF confirmation receipts for record keeping.

End-to-End Encryption

Files and folders are encrypted on your devices, not on servers.

Identity Verification

When confidential, you can first verify the identity of who you send to.

Integrated Contacts

Send to your contacts with auto-complete.